Colorado Prime Foods Products Listing

118Buffalo Wings3040 oz.Appetizers
1162Mozzarella Sticks2632 oz.Appetizers
3745Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites - 1 oz.100100 oz.Appetizers
6933Cooked BBQ Wings1 Bag40 oz.Appetizers
Beef – Everyday Beef
113Beef for Stew116 ozBeef – Everyday Beef
116Sirloin Teriyaki Filets212 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
117Short Ribs Beef424 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
123Cubed Steak Beef Round416 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
136Top Round/London Broil118 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
137Top Round/London Broil130 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
177Beef Brisket 148 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
179Corned Beef – First Cut148 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
376Top Round Beef Steak116 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
379Flank Steak128 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
470Deluxe Sirloin Steak 124 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
479Sirloin Teriyaki Steak128 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
536Skirt Steaks - 8 oz.216 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
598Top Cut Chuck Steaks424 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
659Thick Cut Top Sirloin Filets216 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
676Top Sirloin Filets212 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
677Boneless Chuck Steak116 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
1155London Broil – Teriyaki132 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
1156London Broil – Garlic Butter124 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
1177Beef Sirloin Kabobs318 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
1288Flat Iron Steak636 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
1332Teres Major Filet – Teriyaki432 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
1333Teres Major Filet – Pepper Rub432 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
5517Petite Teres Filet - 3 oz.618 oz.Beef – Everyday Beef
Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
101Ground Beef Patties416 oz.Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
110Ground Beef232 oz.Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
38191% Lean Ground Beef232 oz.Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
388Meat Loaf – Ready To Cook132 oz.Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
631Jumbo Steak Burgers212 oz.Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
1157Beef Patties 90% Lean -416 oz.Beef – Ground Beef & Burgers
1158Beef Patties 85% Lean -832 ozBeef – Ground Beef & Burgers
Beef – Premium Steaks
105Filet Mignon424 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
133Porterhouse Steak123 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
144Bacon Wrap Filet Mignon848 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
150Delmonico Steak/Rib Steak – Bone-In115 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
154Kansas City Ribeye864 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
155NY Strip Steak – 1-1/2" Thick Cut230 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
168Beef Steak NY Strip – 8-Pack864 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
423NY Strip Steak – 2-Pack216 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
508Boneless Rib Eye Steaks216 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
515Porterhouse Steak114 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
658Thick Cut Filet Mignon216 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
668Thick Cut T-Bone Steak120 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
1227Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon424 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
1230Ribeye Steak – 1-1/4" Thick Cut224 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
1335Manhattan Cut NY Strip Steak432 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
4072Ribeye Steaks, No Tail - 8 oz.864 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
4503Filet Mignon Steak - 8 oz.1296 oz.Beef – Premium Steaks
Beef – Premium Steaks
158Beef Bottom Round Roast132 oz.Beef – Roasts
163Boneless Beef Chuck Roastt48 oz.Beef – Roasts
165Eye Round Roast148 oz.Beef – Roasts
166Rump Roast148 oz.Beef – Roasts
167Beef Top Round Roast148 oz.Beef – Roasts
169Beef Sirloin Tip Roastt48 oz.Beef – Roasts
171Rib Roast – 2 Rib172 oz.Beef – Roasts
483Beef Tenderloin148 oz.Beef – Roasts
649Rib Roast – 3 Rib196 oz.Beef – Roasts
1320Quick Roast – Eye of Round Roast124 oz.Beef – Roasts
1321Quick Roast – Sirloin Tip Roast132 oz.Beef – Roasts
1322Quick Roast – Top Round London Broil124 ozBeef – Roasts
6908Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roast 180 oz.Beef – Roasts
335Bacon116 oz.Breakfast
624Low-Salt Bacon116 oz.Breakfast
626Premium Sausage Patties4080 oz.Breakfast
480Apple Gourmet High Pie – 10"149 oz.Dessert
497Cherry Pie Unbaked – 10"146 oz.Dessert
641Chocolate Chip Cookies4848 oz.Dessert
650Carrot Cake – 9"148 oz.Dessert
692Pecan Pie Unsliced – 10"136 oz.Dessert
693Key Lime Pie136 oz.Dessert
1269Pumpkin Pie, Precooked – 10"132 oz.Dessert
5502Pecan Fudge Caramel Cake – 10"160 oz.Dessert
6835Cheesecake Presliced 168 oz.Dessert
7217Mango Pie 10"142 oz.Dessert
570Ground Buffalo116 oz.Exotic
241Italian Sausage – Hot516 oz.Italian
243Italian Sausage – Sweet516 oz.Italian
1174Garlic Bread110 oz.Italian
1286Cooked Meatballs – I.Q.F.132 oz.Italian
4507Calzone - Pepperoni & 4 Cheese636 oz.Italian
4510Grilled Italian Pannini - 9 oz.12108 oz.Italian
4511Grilled Chicken Caesar Pannini - 9 oz12108 oz.Italian
5650Mini Cheese Pizza – 7”655 oz.Italian
5651Mini Pizza - Pepperoni & Cheese – 7”650 oz.Italian
5658Cheese Pizza – 12”4114 oz.Italian
5659Pepperoni Pizza – 12"4108 oz.Italian
7955Meat Lasagna Tray 38 oz.138 oz.Italian
8039Cheese Manicotti 25 oz.125 oz.Italian
8043Cheese Ravioli 20 oz.120 oz.Italian
8044Chicken & Spinach Ravioli 20 oz.120 oz.Italian
8045Lobster Ravioli 20 oz.120 oz.Italian
8047Tortelinni Asiago 20 oz.120 oz.Italian
Lamb & Veal
128Thick Cut Loin Veal Chops216 oz.Lamb & Veal
132Thick Cut Loin Lamb Chops424 oz.Lamb & Veal
146Leg of Lamb Cut in Half272 oz.Lamb & Veal
213Loin Lamb Chops416 oz.Lamb & Veal
430Veal Cutlets1224 oz.Lamb & Veal
566Rack of Lamb124 oz.Lamb & Veal
4082Veal Scallopine - 2 lb.10/1232 oz.Lamb & Veal
4084Veal Patties, Breaded - 6 lb.196 ozLamb & Veal
211Seasoned Taco Meat464 oz.Lunch
334Hebrew National Franks712 oz.Lunch
346All Beef Premium Franks816 oz.Lunch
365Philly Steak1872 oz.Lunch
367All Beef Chili464 oz.Lunch
592Turkey Franks1216 oz.Lunch
1327Chicken Patties936 oz.Lunch
135Ham Steak Bone In116 oz.Pork
210Center Cut Boneless Pork Roast140 oz.Pork
220Loin Pork Roast – Bone-in152 oz.Pork
247Pork Barbecue Mild – Shredded464 oz.Pork
401Spiral Sliced Ham – Bone-in1120 oz.Pork
632Boneless Pork Roast174 oz.Pork
1159Pork Cutlets Boneless515 oz.Pork
1433Pork Tenderloins480 oz.Pork
6932Cooked Pork Boston Butt172 oz.Pork
8040Pork Sausage Polish Kielbasa114 oz.Pork
Pork – Chops
221Center Cut Pork Chops – Bone-in424 oz.Pork – Chops
222Brown & Serve Pork Chops520 oz.Pork – Chops
410Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops424 oz.Pork – Chops
505Traditional Stuffed Pork Chops432 oz.Pork – Chops
533Apple & Cinnamon Stuffed Pork Chops432 oz.Pork – Chops
657Thick Cut Center Cut Pork Chops216 oz.Pork – Chops
1081Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops1664 oz.Pork – Chops
6577Pork Porterhouse T-Bone - 10 oz.440 ozPork – Chops
Pork – Ribs
393Fully Cooked BBQ Spare Ribs464 oz.Pork – Ribs
400Rack Spare Ribs348 oz.Pork – Ribs
454Pork Spare Ribs Baby Back220 oz.Pork – Ribs
5040Country-Style Spare Ribs864 oz.Pork – Ribs
205Cornish Game Hen 118 oz.Poultry
214Chicken Drumsticks416 oz.Poultry
257Broilers (in Quarters)152/56 oz.Poultry
262Roaster152/56 oz.Poultry
269Chicken Legs & Thighs216 oz.Poultry
273Chicken Wings116 oz.Poultry
28112/14 lbs. Whole Turkey1192/224 oz.Poultry
326Chicken Nuggets5036 oz.Poultry
364Fully Roasted Half Duck with Orange Sauce114 oz.Poultry
494Ground Turkey116 oz.Poultry
591Chicken Breast Roaster188 oz.Poultry
1057Chicken Thighs – Bone-in8/948 oz.Poultry
1058Chicken Thighs – Boneless14/1680 oz.Poultry
1125Bacon Wrapped Turkey Filet Mignons420 oz.Poultry
1149Chicken Fryer – Cut - 8 pieces148 oz.Poultry
1234Cooked Breaded Chicken Tenders132 oz.Poultry
4074Chicken Pot Pie666 oz.Poultry
4075Whole Chicken Roaster, Perdue 5-6 lb.188 oz.Poultry
6849Turkey Breast – Bone-in 12/14 lb.1192/224 oz.Poultry
8038Chicken Kabob (3) 6 oz.318 oz.Poultry
8048Turkey Burger (2) 8 oz.216 oz.Poultry
8049Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Kit180 oz.Poultry
8051Jamican Marinade Chicken Cut Up148 oz.Poultry
8052Italian Chicken Sausage 1 lb.516 oz.Poultry
8053Spinach & Feta Chicken Sausage516 oz.Poultry
8054All White Meat Chicken Ground116 oz.Poultry
Poultry – Cutlets
218Jumbo Chicken Cutlets636 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
236Turkey Breast Cutlets1664 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
290Chicken Breast Split432 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
420Boneless Chicken Breast Cutlet Box832 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
1163Turkey Breast Cutlets416 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
4076Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless - 5 lb.1680 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
7204Teriyaki Chicken Breast (8) 5 oz.840 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
7211Natural Marinated Chicken Breast (16) 5 oz.1680 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
7213Lemon-Pepper Chicken Breast (8) 5 oz.840 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
7214BBQ Marinated Chicken Breast (8) 5 oz.840 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
7215Honey Mustard Chicken Breast (8) 5 oz.840 oz.Poultry – Cutlets
Prepared Entree
330Chicken Kiev642 oz.Prepared Entree
349Chicken Cordon Bleu642 oz.Prepared Entree
389Precooked Pot Roast140 oz.Prepared Entree
431Chicken Parmesan428 oz.Prepared Entree
482Rotisserie Chicken – Halved248 oz.Prepared Entree
642Stuffed Peppers648 oz.Prepared Entree
643Fettuccini Alfredo248 oz.Prepared Entree
653Baked Ziti248 oz.Prepared Entree
670Honey BBQ Marinated Roaster164 oz.Prepared Entree
1122Salisbury Steaks with Gravy424 oz.Prepared Entree
1164Chicken Fingers – Italian142 oz.Prepared Entree
1455Boneless Prime Rib Roast180 oz.Prepared Entree
8050Chicken Dumplings Cooked132 oz.Prepared Entree
Seafood – Fish
126Red Snapper Fillets324 oz.Seafood – Fish
195Codfish Fillets424 oz.Seafood – Fish
251Catfish Fillets648 oz.Seafood – Fish
328Salmon Fillets424 oz.Seafood – Fish
350Tuna Steaks848 oz.Seafood – Fish
363Swordfish Steaks848 oz.Seafood – Fish
377Cod Battered Fillets1632 oz.Seafood – Fish
471Tilapia Fillets416 oz.Seafood – Fish
500Mahi-Mahi Fillets848 oz.Seafood – Fish
1059Grouper848 oz.Seafood – Fish
3747Sockeye Salmon Boneless Fillet630 oz.Seafood – Fish
4079Flounder Fillets IQF - 2 lb.7/932 oz.Seafood – Fish
6751Vegas Flounder633 oz.Seafood – Fish
6752Flounder Rolled with Crab416 oz.Seafood – Fish
6753Sea Bass Fillet424 oz.Seafood – Fish
6935Rainbow Trout Fillet410 oz.Seafood – Fish
6936Orange Roughy Fillets1 Bag48 oz.Seafood – Fish
8055Wild Salmon w/Sweet Herb Rub (4) 8 oz.432 oz.Seafood – Fish
8056Halibut Steaks (4) 8 oz.424 oz.Seafood – Fish
Seafood – Shellfish
245Sea Scallops – 1 lb. bags148 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
392Shrimp Scampi132 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
564I.Q.F. Shrimp – Tail-on31/4040 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
669Shrimp – Peeled & Deveined51/6024 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
1123Lobster Tails422 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
1440Breaded Shrimp31/4032 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
8037Crabby Cakes 2.5 lbs.140 oz.Seafood – Shellfish
Side Dishes
230Mashed Butternut Squash Tray120 oz.Side Dishes
237Baked Cinnamon Apples Tray120 oz.Side Dishes
446Green Beans Almondine Tray112 oz.Side Dishes
452Garlic Mashed Potatoes Tray120 oz.Side Dishes
1118Twice-Cooked Potatoes Tray832 oz.Side Dishes
1121Sweet Potato Casserole Tray132 oz.Side Dishes
1168Curly Fries with Skin132 oz.Side Dishes
1169Tater Puff Potatoes132 oz.Side Dishes
1170Taterbabies Potato – Spiced132 oz.Side Dishes
1229Creamed SpinachTray116 oz.Side Dishes
1231Broccoli with Cheese Sauce Tray116 oz.Side Dishes
1263Mashed Potatoes Tray121 oz.Side Dishes
1265Roasted Red Potato Wedges Tray117.5 oz.Side Dishes
8057Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo118 oz.Soup
8058Charleston She Crab Soup118 oz.Soup
8059Lobster Bisque118 oz.Soup
8060New England Clam Chowder118 oz.Soup
453Broccoli Spears18 oz.Vegetables
481Chopped Spinach216 oz.Vegetables
503Whole Kernel Corn216 oz.Vegetables
509Mixed Vegetables216 oz.Vegetables
511Peas 216 oz.Vegetables
556Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrots216 oz.Vegetables
589French Cut Beans18 oz.Vegetables
594Whole Baby Carrots216 oz.Vegetables
687Corn on the Cob – 3 Ears232 oz.Vegetables
1061Baby Brussels Sprouts216 oz.Vegetables
1062Baby Lima Beans18 oz.Vegetables
1063Collard Greens – Chopped216 oz.Vegetables
1064Corn White Shoepeg216 oz.Vegetables
1066Okra – Breaded216 oz.Vegetables
1067Okra – Cut18 oz.Vegetables
1070Peas – Sugar Snap216 oz.Vegetables
1071Sliced Yellow Squash216 oz.Vegetables
1072Turnip Greens – Chopped216 oz.Vegetables
1303Cauliflower216 oz.Vegetables
6780Chopped Onions18 oz.Vegetables
6781Chopped Green Peppers18 oz.Vegetables
6782Cut Green Beans216 oz.Vegetables
6783Chopped Broccoli216 oz.Vegetables
6784Broccoli Florets216 oz.Vegetables
6785Super Sweet Yellow Corn216 oz.Vegetables
6786Blackeyed Peas18 oz.Vegetables
6787Peas and Carrots216 ozVegetables
4584Spring Vegetables with Asparagus112 oz.Vegetables
Groceries – Pantry
390Land O'Lakes Butter116 oz.Groceries – Pantry
424Beef Bologna116 oz.Groceries – Pantry
703Chicken of the Sea White Tuna in Water15 oz.Groceries – Pantry
723Kraft Velveeta Mac & Cheese112 oz.Groceries – Pantry
732Lipton Tea Bags (100 ct.)1100 CountGroceries – Pantry
753Lipton Onion Soup12 oz.Groceries – Pantry
757Betty Crocker Potatoes au Gratin14.7 oz.Groceries – Pantry
760Kraft Parmesan Cheese Grated18 ozGroceries – Pantry
818Kraft Macaroni & Cheese17.25 oz.Groceries – Pantry
819Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe114 oz.Groceries – Pantry
824Ronzoni Thin Spaghetti116 oz.Groceries – Pantry
827Maxwell House Coffee111.5 oz.Groceries – Pantry
889Strawberry Preserves - Carriage House14 lb.Groceries – Pantry
1051Skippy Peanut Butter116.3 oz.Groceries – Pantry
1090Dececco Spaghetti #12116 oz.Groceries – Pantry
750Dove Soap Bar - White (6) 4 oz. Bars634 oz.Sundries
756Saran Wrap Clear, 100-ft.1100 FeetSundries
782Bounce Dryer Sheets 160 ct.1160 CountSundries
789Gladlock Sandwich Bags1100 CountSundries
851Bounty Paper Towels148 SheetsSundries
879Charmin Toilet Tissue (100 count, 2-ply)14 RollsSundries
977Reynolds Aluminum Foil 1200 FeetSundries